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The best value Trencher available

Even if you only had need for a dedicated trencher, then you should consider purchasing a Dingo for your trenching needs. Why? Because Dingoes are excellent at trenching and easily compete with larger machines. They outperform all pedestrian trenchers. The Dingo can also be used to back fill the trench. They can make money doing other jobs. And when it’s time to upgrade, Dingoes have excellent resale values.

So what makes a Dingo such a good trenching machine? (Better, in fact, than many larger machines.)
Firstly, the Dingo hydraulic system allows the oil to be used fully without creating excessive heat. This means that the viscosity of the oil is maintained so that the power can be transferred to the digging chain.

Secondly, Dingo recognised that the most efficient trenching machines used more expensive (better quality) chain with more teeth. This number of cutting teeth, combined with the correct chain speed, allows for the best possible cut. Dingo applied this knowledge to give you some of the best trenching machines available. Other manufacturers save money by utilising less teeth and then try to compensate with speed. In doing so they only do injustice to the result required - with the teeth doing more bouncing than cutting.

And thirdly, our trencher uses a special drive sprocket designed (by Dingo) for “sticky” soil types and sand - conditions where other trenchers jam. Our trenchers can jam too, but not as easily. Another important consideration is that it’s a hydraulically driven trencher. With direct or mechanical drive trenchers, breakdown costs are high.

By nature, a trench has obstacles - be they rocks, pipes, or large roots. These obstacles can jam mechanical drive trenchers. But hydraulics are designed for obstructions. Hit something hard and the relief valve acts like a safety net. You back off and go again. No more shear pins, broken gear or down time. And it doesn’t matter how often it happens, we’ve never seen a worn out relief valve.

An added bonus of all new Dingo trenchers is their ability to side shift - this allows trenches to be dug beside walls and fences. A crumber bar is also available as an optional extra. It’s a simple device that scrapes the bottom of the trench clean.

Our regular trencher chain is set up with cup teeth in a frost formation (this means more teeth on the chain). The cup teeth have tungsten impregnated hard facing and will shift most soil types easily. For hard digging conditions Diggatac teeth are also available. Ask your Dingo representative which teeth will best suit your needs.

All of this tells you why the Dingo is so good for digging trenches. But another point that most of us love about trenching with a Dingo is that you can see what you are doing. Standing on the back really gives you a great vantage point for visibility and manoeuvrability.

Dingo also have a few other methods for digging trenches and laying cables. For larger trenches, ask us about our Dingo Backhoe. For taking pipe and cable under paths and roads we have an Under Road Borer. For laying flexible pipe or cable with minimal ground disturbance and no need to back fill ask about our Vibratory Plough. And for shallow work, try our Poly-pipe layer which can be purchased as an accessory to the Multi Purpose Tool kit.


Digging Depth:
Cut Width:
100, 150, 200, 250, & 300mm
Teeth types:
Cup or Diggatac
Manual side shift, 42mm chain (frost), 300mm dia. single re-movable auger.
Flow Range:
Frame width:
Side shift travel:
Min side clearance:
Total Dig Depth:
Overall Length:
Approx Weight:
200 - 220kg

Used For:

Digging trenches in soil, clay, sand, rock and shale.

Used By:

Contractors, plumbers, landscapers, electricians, Hire Companies.
Goes with:
Crumber bar, Adapter kits, blade, turf cutter, under road borer.

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