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How times have changed...

Original Dingo (1981-1991)
Dingo 950 (1991-2001)
Dingo K9-4 (2001-Current)
The concept of a mini loader/digger has been around since the early eighties. The original machine was basically a motorised wheelbarrow with the ability to run light duty hydraulic attachments off its auxiliary.

The current owner, Gary Briggs, purchased the Dingo manufacturing rights back in 1991 and made radical changes to the machine, turning the Dingo into a machine capable of far greater things. Dingo is the market leader in Australia with in excess of 4000 Dingo 950’s around the country, including over 600 Dingoes in the hire industry and over 600 Dingo contractors.

In 1995 Dingo hit the U.S.A. By the end of 1997 one shipping container per week was leaving Australia. The U S market grew so quickly that the logistics of shipping from Australia became unmanageable and the machines for that market are now being built in the U.S.A. by Toro. In 1999 the Dingo hit the rest of the world and established itself as the world leaders in mini diggers. To date Toro have sold approximately 5000 machines worldwide and continue to increase their numbers monthly.

The Preferred Mini Digger
Not only are we the Worlds Leading Mini Digger, but we are also Australia’s preferred mini digger. Large companies such as Kennards Hire and Coates/Wreckair Hire list Dingo Mini Diggers as preferred suppliers. National Hire, Active Hire and Better Rentals are also dedicated Dingo customers along with hundred’s of smaller hire companies.

The hire industry represents Dingoes largest customer base, this clearly demonstrates the user friendliness of the machines and the low maintenance requirements. Hire customers request to hire a “Dingo”, knowing that this is the machine they need to get their job done.

Our next biggest industry group is people operating Dingoes daily as part of Dingo contracting businesses. These people really put the machines through their paces. Dingo Contractors get to know the real limits of their machines and seem to constantly be trying to go beyond them. This is yet further testimony to Dingo’s ability to work efficiently and effectively every day of the week.

Cost effective solutions that work

The Manufacturing Process

At Dingo Mini Diggers we pride ourselves on employing an excellent mix of computerised machining and manual labour to produce quality equipment that you can rely on.

Robotic welders and machining centres complete tedious tasks with reliable acuracy to bring to the end product a consistently high level of quality at a reasonable price.

Trained personnel are employed in other areas of the machines manufacture to ensure the product brought to you really will work as expected. The Dingo is truly a “hand finished” machine in the class of the best car manufacturers.

Research and Development
The world is an ever changing place with new technologies constantly being developed and new markets being discovered. We recognise the importance of keeping abreast of these new developments and implementing those systems and parts that will make the Dingo the best solution for your needs.



Dingo Mini Diggers are recognised as an innovative company. Frequently we rise to the challenge of creating a solution to some difficult, time consuming hand labour task. Put your problem to us.




After sales backup
With a Network of Branches and Distributors across Australia, Dingo Mini Diggers really can serve you better. Each Branch and Distributor has service facilities and keeps a comprehensive range of spare parts. Staff in each of these locations are trained in Dingo sales and/or service and kept informed on important developments within the company.


We believe in our products and as such we offer extensive warranties of up to 3 years on our new products - even in hire. More information on the warranties offered can be found in product literature.

At Dingo we truly believe in our products and know that they can achieve great results for you. If you’re not acheiving what you’d like to be then we’d like to help. Just ask us!

Bringing more benefits to you

Advertising and Promotion
Dingo Mini Diggers realise that the average person isn’t in the market to buy a Dingo, and we realise that no matter how much we tell them that a Dingo would be an excellent machine to keep along-side the lawn mower, it really doesn’t make economical sense for the average householder to own a Dingo for domestic purposes.

But that doesn’t stop us from incouraging them to use a Dingo! Whether they get in a Dingo Contractor (wet hire) or Hire one locally (dry hire), it’s still good news to us.

So we actively promote the hiring of Dingoes and the use of contractor services. We do this through paid advertising on TV, Radio, and in magazines. We actively seek exposure on “Lifestyle” television programmes and encourage commentary that promotes wet and dry hire of Dingoes. Our sales representatives and branches give out lists of local contractors and hire shops to potential hirers. And we print brochures which highlight the 3 methods for getting a Dingo on your team - Rent, Use a Contractor, or Buy.


We don’t just drop the machine on your doorstep and leave you to it. We guide you through the use and maintenance of your new prized possession. Aside from our trained staff who will offer a wealth of information we have manuals for operation, maintenance and parts, plus training videos. Our training events keep all our Sales and Service staff up to date with new developments and new practises.


It’s only just begun
It’s early days and we’ve achieved great things already. But it has really only just begun. The potential for Dingo products is limited only by imagination. From landscapers to builders, national parks to farmers, miners to aluminium plants, the list goes on and on.

Dingo Mini Diggers growth rate since its beginning has been astronomical and we don’t expect it to slow in the near future. Whilst other “mini loader” manufacturers may come on the market, Dingo Mini Diggers intend to be here for the long run and keep ahead of the competition - maintaining our position of World Leader.

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